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When It Comes to Hotel Amenities, The Minute Details Are Paramount
For guests to have a truly immersive experience, every detail of their stay must be thoughtfully considered. Supply Force’s wide range of essential amenities ensures that your guests’ experience is flawless and that your procurement process is streamlined.

Global Consistency

in Brand Standards across multiple countries/territories with a distribution network covering all throughout India.

Local Efficiency

in cost and execution competitiveness with comprehensive strategies supported by a global network.

Social Legacy

in meaningful partnership that promote equal opportunities and community involvement.

Eco-friendly and biodegradable amenities options are available for most of our product range. These include products made from natural materials, natural fiber, biodegradable starch as well as green materials with biodegradle additives.

Empowering Change

Wealth of Knowledge

“India’s largest dry amenities manufacturer with widest
array of international amenity brands”

Carbon Reduction

Carbon emmision reduction through in-country or in-territory manufacturing sites.


Carbon Emmision

Image Image

Plastic Reduction

Plastic Reduction

Plastic reduction through design innovation and material substitution

Waste Reduction

Waste reduction per property served through product innovation and packaging optimization.


Waste Reduction

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We are excited to help you succeed. Supply Force helps chains improve Brand compliance, increase profits and impact lives